Casting Woodworm Surfaces In Pewter

I used modelling wax to take an impression on the surface of a wood wormed piece of timber, I build a small clay wall around the wax impression to create a chamber. Mixed silicone and poured into the small chambers, left to dry for 24 hours. I broke the clay from the silicone moulds, heated pewter in this rather brilliant ladle that I fashioned with the help of the technician in the metal workshop.

heated and used a chisel and hammer to create a pouring spout.

They are quite appealing but….I don’t like the way that I was restricted to making small round coin sized disks. This is down to the constraints of the size of imprint I can practically make with wax from the woodwormed pieces I had. If I sought out some more impressive woodworm on a bigger scale I may be able to make some larger wax casts. I need to research more architectural scale eaten bits of timber.