Rachael Causer is an artist living and working in London.

Her work explores process, time and material remains, focussing on traces relating to touch, repeated activity and labour embodied in everyday objects around us. Interested in archaeology and our vernacular, industrial past, her practice questions how objects and spaces can be imbued with history, revealing something of the ways in which they’ve been used, inhabited and retain vestiges of their past. She is fascinated with places of work and daily activity – tabletops, workbenches, desks. Her interest lies in the leftovers from a process – the crumbs, drill holes and cut marks left behind, seeing these spaces as familiar but often overlooked landscapes, charting the ways we impact upon our changing environment and fragile ecologies over time.

Alongside her practice she works in schools, the NHS and the community. Recent residencies include Safe House, Peckham and the Tavistock and Portman NHS Mental Health Trust. In 2020 she completed an MA in Fine Art at Camberwell College Of Art.