Rachael Causer is an artist living and working in London.

My practice is broad, with a focus on making; embroidery, stitch, and more recently print-making. I am interested in exploring and challenging perceptions of brokenness, use and durability.  I am fascinated by the concept of repair and much of my practice explores our emotional relationship to worn objects and our cultural preoccupation with the shiny and new. I am inspired by the Japanese tradition of Kintsugi; mending a broken pot and filling the cracks with gold as a celebration of its past history and as a mark of resilience. My work attempts to reinstate notions of value in the ‘not mended’ and to draw attention to the beauty in the flawed and downright broken.

I am drawn to the overlooked – things that can be discovered on pavements, supermarket trolleys and at the back of cupboards – shopping lists, notes, old clothes, lost gloves and abandoned mattresses. I am fascinated by the physical trail that we leave behind us and our relationship to the objects we covert and carefully preserve and to the things we break, lose and throw away.

Having worked for many years in a variety of different settings, including schools, community groups and cultural institutions, Rachael is currently artist in residence at the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust in north London.