Rachael Causer is an artist living and working in London.

Working across a range of disciplines from drawing and print to sculpture, Rachael Causer’s work is primarily concerned with themes of presence and absence, the material present and the traces we leave. Objects and spaces that bear marks relating to touch and repeated activity fall under her scrutiny.

She is particularly interested in the notion of unnoticed and often futile labour, whether that be in aspects of the natural world or in culturally side-lined spaces of creative work. Her practice explores hierarchies and distinctions relating to our ideas of the worn and seemingly obsolete. Forensic in approach, Causer’s working methodology nearly always involves slow and often laborious processes, questioning the conversation between object and owner, surface and process, print and imprint; pushing materials to find ways to challenge notions of the artefact. More often than not, the material remains or by-product of a process become the work, with crumbs, threads and other detritus from the making process thrown centre stage.